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Spring Twist

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Soft and Bouncy. Elegance, character and originality. Great transitional hairstyle, going from relaxed to natural. Hair is on the track only for transport. It is not intended for weaving. You must cut the hair from the track and twist hair onto your own hair. About 2 packs of hair will complete the style.
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To create perfection in Spring Twist, you must understand few rules.

  • Do NOT spin or twist a strand of hair between your thumb and index finger. Keep it straight and just wrap the hair.
  • Use vaseline to remove frizness if your hair is natural. Use Gel if it is relaxed or straight.
  • Less is better. Use less hair to achieve light, bouncy elegant style.
  • Must use EON Spring Twist hair. Not just because I like to make more sales, but because it is made with Modacrylic, textile like hair fibers. It is what some people call, "baby hair".  Do not use plastic fiber (sold at the retail store) when creating the Spring Twist.

Spring Twist is also called Sistwist or Sis Twist. You can watch video on How to Spring Twist below:


Customer Reviews:

Total Reviews: 39
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My favorite hair 4/27/2016, by Pinckbutterfly
Comments: I saw this youtube video with a stylist crocheting spring twist in someone's hair and fell in love with the style. She posted where to purchase and how to twist the hair and from that video I purchased 6 packs. Enough for two install. I put it in my hair for my vacation, when I got home I took it out and a few weeks later I put them back in. So if you take care of it you can reinstall. I still have 3 packs to twist up but now I want to change the color but it's out of stock. I bought 6 of the same color. Great summer style. Everyone has commented on how beautiful my hair is.
great buy 6/4/2015, by big game
Comments: I love this hair. Every time I get hair done I'm always asked where I get my hair from. I've been wearing my hair in the spring twists for almost 2 years now. The hair is soft and bouncy. I have tried other brands but this by far is the best. The only complaint I have is they are usually out of stock on all t he hair. When I do purchase the hair I have to buy a lot of packs! I have referred a lot of people to this website.
AWESOME HAIR 5/20/2014, by Naptural and Lovely
Comments: I absolutely love spring twists. They have a very natural and light look! Everyone thinks that they're my actual hair and I love that!. I have used nubian twists before and I like that as well but the spring twists are SO much easier to work with!! I braid my own hair to save money and usually have alot of difficulty braiding it myself. But these spring twists are very easy to work with. I used a little protein gel to get them to stay and the result was awesome. Wish I could share a picture! I love my spring twists.
LOVE! THIS! HAIR! 5/1/2014, by NaturalArt71
Comments: I have been natural for 3 years now and this is by far my most favorite protective style to date!! I am a loyal customer & install them at least twice a year...AND I keep at least 2 packs on deck AT ALL TIMES, just in case. Now about the hair... The hair is soft and extremely easy to work with! No tangling and very easy on the fingers. I really love the fact that after about 3 weeks of wear, I take down my edges and am able to use the same hair to re-twist! I wear the twists for 7-8 weeks and am ALWAYS hesitant to take them out because the older the twists get the more natural the style looks. And the styles are ENDLESS! Every time I wear them, I'm always asked if it's my natural hair. My ONLY complaint is that I wish the hair came in longer lengths. Other than that, PERFECT!! Way to go Eon Natural!! Interested in installing them yourself? Feel free to check out my installation tutorial & review on youtube: NaturallyMadeBeauty You'll be surprised at how easy it is!
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS HAIR! 3/27/2014, by Huneeb
Comments: I live in California, this hair is not sold in the beauty supplies and there is no hair like it that ive seen so far. The firs time I attempted to buy it they were sold completely out, that says alot about the product. I purchased 2 packs of the burgandy colored hair. The color was alot brighter than i thought it would be but i get so many compliments. Out of the 2 packs that i purchased i used 1 1/2 packs. The hair is soft, light and bouncy. Everyone thinks this is my hair. Because its so soft its very easy to switch up styles daily. Im redoing it in dark brown. LOVING MY TIWSTS!
Spring Twist 2/27/2014, by tyoung
Comments: I love this hair, this is the best hair to buy for Spring Twist. I done my hair before and received lots of compliments and I am so excited to be doing my hair again this weekend. I reccommend this hair 100%.
Spring Twist 1/9/2014, by Phabaloushair
Comments: I ABSOLUTE LY LOVE THIS HAIR! I can't wait to put it in again. Its simple to put in and I was able to create many hair styles. I received many complements.
Spring Twist 9/11/2013, by In love with E.ON spring twist
Comments: I swear by the spring twist hair that I buy from you. I have been purchasing this hair from you for over 1 year. My stylist swore I could purchase the hair from the local shop in Petersburg Va. I could feel and see the difference, she said they look the same and they were the same. I will not use any other spring twist hair unless I get it from you. I love this hair. I'm a bit upset that you have been out of stock for over a week now, when will you be getting more?
Nice hair but colors are always out of stock 8/25/2013, by jrt
Comments: I just started during twist styles to see if I could get my natural hair to grow out. I wanted to do spring twist first but when I got on the website all of the colors I wanted were sold out so I got the fluffy twist instead. I did that a couple of times but really wanted to do the spring twist so I finally got two packs in 1B/350. The textures a little rough like all EON hari (some other brands I find softer) but it turned out nice. I would use it again.
Spring Twist! 8/23/2013, by Nika
Comments: Shipping was fast every time I've ordered I get my product within 2-3 days. I love love love this hair. It is the only hair I purchase for spring twisting, the 1st time I divided it in 2's and didn't cut in half the hair was thick, soft and bouncy. The 2nd time I devided in 3's and it was soooo light, fluffy and bouncy and was still very full! I love how it looks. Lots of compliments. Its my new hair do for a while wish I could upload the pic, I purchase 1b/27. Looks natural even when I braid my hair down 6 to 7 times the braid curls with the hair so u can't even tell how much of my hair I braided. I do this because my natural hair is soft like cotton and it keeps it from sliding off and it stays even when I wash!
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